What is Alexandria Professional Body Sugaring™?

Alexandria Professional Body Sugaring™ is a hair removal system using a specially formulated sugar paste.

How does Alexandria Professional Body Sugaring™ compare to waxing?

It doesn't. It is far superior! Click here to see why.

Is it 100% natural?

YES! You can even eat it!

Does it really work?

YES! You will notice a difference in hair texture, color and density after the first treatment.

Is it very painful?

NO! Our sugar paste is skin friendly and water soluble. It does not contain resin. All waxes contain resin which adheres to live skin cells, making waxing treatments very painful.

How long can you go between treatments?

This will vary with each individual. The length of time between treatments will increase with each treatment.

What parts of the body can be sugared?

Basically, all body parts can safely be sugared with the exception of eyelashes and inner ears. We do not recommend sugaring mens beards.

What is the overall benefit?

Without the risk of burning, bruising or damage, you are left with very soft, clean and hairless skin.

Is the Alexandria Professional Body Sugaring™ hair removal treatment expensive?

NO. Alexandria Professional Body Sugaring™ treatments are comparatively priced with other hair removal methods. However, extended periods of time between Alexandria Professional Body Sugaring™ treatments makes our system much more economical.

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